Reverend Howard Finster: Man of Vision

Tom Rubnitz

1980 | 00:27:25 | United States | English | 4:3 | BetacamSP video

Collection: On Art and Artists, Single Titles

Tags: Artist Portraits, Documentary, Interview, Painting

Reverend Howard Finster was a preacher-turned-folk artist. He created Paradise Gardens Park & Museum, a product of all his murals, drawings, sculptures, and mosaics—and Summerville, Georgia’s largest tourist attraction. He began Paradise Gardens around 1961; in 1976 he responded to a vision to paint sacred art. As this video begins, Finster is painting with his hands in his studio. Finster then embarks on his first visit to New York City and comments upon his exhibition at Phyllis Kind Gallery. He spins rhythmic narratives that turn into miniature sermons. His impassioned manner and Southern drawl make him stand out as an unlikely art star, and the piece also treats the viewer to one of Finster’s banjo performances. Finster died in 2001.

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