Sapphire and the Slave Girl

1995 | 00:18:20 | United States | English | B&W | Stereo | 4:3

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Crime or Violence, Race

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Loosely based on the 1950s British detective film Sapphire, in which two Scotland Yard detectives investigate the murder of a young woman who is passing for white, Sapphire and the Slave Girl examines the determinants of Sapphire's murder investigation through its cinematic representation. Referencing detectives from Marlowe to Shaft, Sapphire and the Slave Girl enacts its analysis in the persona of the hard-boiled detective in order to highlight transgressions of identity and location. Featuring a multifarious cast of identity-shifting Sapphires, this fast-paced genre bash visualizes and problematizes the way that identity is negotiated and performed within urban spaces.

Prizes + Awards

New Visions Video Award Winner, 1997 San Francisco International Film Festival