Seeing / Hearing / Speaking

Takahiko iimura

2003 | 00:29:09 | Japan / United States | English | Color | Mono | 4:3 | BetacamSP video

Collection: Single Artist Compilations

Tags: Video History

Realizing the words by Jacques Derrida.

Seeing / Hearing / Speaking contains two sections.  First, Seeing / Hearing / Speaking (2003), and next, three other related videos produced between 1978-2001: Talking to Myself: Phenomenological Operation (1978), Talking in New York (1981), and Talking to Myself at PS1 (1985).  Literally quoting a sentence of what Derrida calls "phenomenological essence," taken from the seminal book of Jaques Derrida, "Speech and Phenomena," translated by David B. Allison, the first-produced video, Talking to Myself: Phenomenological Operation was appreciated by Derrida himself, to whom I showed it personally in 1978.

-- Takahiko iimura

"The strongest, most effective statement one could make from the work of Derrida."

-- Professor David Allison, New York State University

"Seeing / Hearing / Speaking is a DVD which I have enjoyed very much indeed.  It is, I think, a true masterpiece."

-- Daniel Charles, John Cage interviewer and author

"The strongest, most effective statement one could make from the work of Derrida"

-- David B. Allison, New York University, translator of the book Speech and Phenomena by Jacques Derrida, on the piece, Talking to Myself

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Prizes + Awards

Director's Citation, Black Maria Film/Video Festival, NJ, 2002 (Talking in New York)

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