Sol Negro

Laura Huertas Millán

2016 | 00:43:00 | France / Colombia / United States | Spanish | Color | Dolby 5.1 | 16:9 | HD video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Family, Memory, Mental Landscape, Psychoanalysis

"The title (Black Sun) is as evocative of solar eclipse as it is of the 'dark spleen' which doctors, all through Antiquity, used to attribute to melancholic and suicidal drives, especially as they affected artists. Here such drives end up striking the existence of Antonia, an opera singer whose dark beauty brings light to the film. Through discreet and elliptical staging, Laura Huertas Millán presents Antonia’s multi-faceted character.

Family bonds are delicately explored not so much for an origin of evil but as a kind of introspective polyphony: the voices of aunt, mother and daughter (the director herself) are heard as she struggles, through fiction, to escape from her family’s fate. Relationships between body and mind, as well as depression and artistic creation, are highlighted through snippets, ongoing questioning and infinite tact. The film gradually spreads some of the poison gnawing at one’s mind and causing stomach aches, slowly releasing melancholia and deep sadness as they flow away from the bodies so closely looked at through words, breath, singing or weeping, and at times even while eating. Breathing in, breathing out: a task much harder than it might seem at first.

The quest for truth unfolds through Antonia’s lifetime, both at times of strength and vulnerability: the soprano is condemned to sing in an empty hall, much like a sun no-one can look at directly without having one’s eyes burned."

–Céline Guénot, FIDMarseille catalogue, 2016

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Prizes + Awards

Muestra Internacional de Documental de Bogotá, Best film, National Competition, 2016

Fronteira Film Festival, Best short film, 2016

Doclisboa, Grand Prix Honourable mention, International competition, 2016 FIDMarseille,

Special jury mention Grand Prix of the French competition, 2016

Exhibitions + Festivals

AricaDoc Festival, Chile, 2021

Best of 2016, Cinemateca Distrital, Bogotá, Colombia, 2016

Tabakalera, San Sebastián, Spain, 2020

Carte Blanche to FIDMarseille, Institut Français, Alger, Algeria, 2017

MDFF Selects (presented with TIFF & Cinema Scope), TIFF Lightbox, Toronto, Canada, 2 017 Festival International Jean Rouch, Paris, France, 2017

MIDBO, Muestra Internacional de documental de Bogotá, Colombia, 2017 Festival de cine de Bogotá, Colombia, 2017

EDOC, Quito and Guayaquil, Ecuador, 2017

Fronteira Film Festival, Short films competition, Goiânia, Brazil, 2017 Ficunam, El Porvenir section, Mexico D.F, 2017

Neighboring scenes : New Latin American cinema, Lincoln Center, New York, 2017 Cartagena Film Festival, official selection, Colombia, 2017

Gijón Film Festival, FICXLAB, experimental section, Spain, 2016 Torino Film Festival, Documentary competition, Italy, 2016 Doclisboa, International competition, Lisbon, Portugal, 2016

FIDMarseille, French competition, Marseille, France, 2016