Some things you can ask me

Sara Magenheimer

2022 | 00:21:45 | United States | English | Color | Silent | 16:9 | HD video

Collection: New Releases, Single Titles

Tags: Architecture, Humor, Language, Mental Landscape, Technology

Prompted by Apple’s Siri to ask questions, Magenheimer takes the AI invitation seriously and invents a long list of queries. We see them appear one by one over scanned images from Architectural Digest magazine’s idealized interiors of 1981, the year Magenheimer was born and the year Ronald Reagan became president. In this video Magenheimer considers the ways in which the aspirational style of the period we are born into reflects the socio-political values of the cultural moment and how interior design acts as a daily domestic backdrop against which we perform. Embracing arbitrariness, coincidence and humor in this video Magenheimer creates opportunities for questioning how power and style form the aesthetic substructure of our daily existence.

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University of Albany Art Museum
Albany, NY