Willie Doherty: An Interview

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1999 | | United States | English | Color | Stereo |

Collection: On Art and Artists, Interviews, Single Titles

Tags: Interview, VDB Interviews, Visiting Artists Program

Northern Irish artist Willie Doherty (b. 1959) works in photography and video installation. Since the late 1980s, his work has responded to the urban setting and rural outskirts of his hometown of Derry, Northern Ireland. Doherty’s artworks tend to begin as responses to specific terrains (most often mysterious isolated settings; places, we suspect, with a troubled past) and evolve as complex reflections on how we look at such locations — or on what stories might be told about their hidden histories.

"I think I made a strategic... tactical decison that I wanted the work to look like art, specifically work that was coming from a post-conceptual position," Doherty notes in this interview.


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