Cecelia Condit

Born - Philadelphia, PA

Since the early 1980s Cecelia Condit’s narrative videos have explored the not-so-average experiences of the “average woman” in a social climate of sublimated violence, fear, and misogynist aggression. Her dark-humored works conflate fairy tale morals with the grisly sensationalism of tabloid headlines, incorporating live action, appropriated television images, and original music into frequently operatic narratives. Condit is a Professor Emerita of Film and Video at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

"My work centers around the theme of how bizarre events disrupt mundane lives. By contrasting the commonplace with the macabre, humor with the absurd, I address a reality that is both surprisingly believable, yet strange enough to belong only to the realm of fiction."
— Cecelia Condit  

Mary L. Nohl Fellowship, Greater Milwaukee Foundation, 2005

Artist Collection List

Title Year Runtime Collection
AI and I 2021 7 minutes 17 seconds New Releases, Single Titles
All About A Girl 2004 5 minutes 25 seconds Single Titles
Annie Lloyd 2008 18 minutes 15 seconds Single Titles
Beneath the Skin 1981 12 minutes Single Titles
I've Been Afraid 2020 6 minutes 35 seconds Single Titles
Little Spirits 2005 8 minutes 35 seconds Single Titles
Not a Jealous Bone 1987 11 minutes Single Titles
Oh, Rapunzel 1996 35 minutes Single Titles
Pizzly Bear 2017 3 minutes 40 seconds Single Titles
Possibly in Michigan 1983 12 minutes Early Video Art, Single Titles
Pulling Up Roots 2015 7 minutes 36 seconds Single Titles
Some Dark Place 2016 5 minutes Single Titles
Tales of a Future Past 2018 7 minutes 55 seconds Single Titles
We Were Hardly More Than Children 2019 8 minutes 23 seconds Single Titles
Why Not A Sparrow 2003 12 minutes 59 seconds Single Titles