Beyond the Screams: A U.S. Latino Hardcore Punk Documentary

Martin Sorrondeguy

1999 | 00:29:00 | United States | English | Color | Mono |

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Tags: Documentary, Latino/Chicano, Music, Performance

Martin Sorrondeguy, former vocalist for Los Crudos, produced this powerful and uplifting documentary about the U.S. Latino punk scene and the DIY movement. The video features live performances by bands, including Huasinpungo, Los Crudos, Subsistencia, Sbitch, and many more.

"Beyond The Screams is also beyond the stereotypes. Latino punk bands? Writing from here in Gringolandia, I never knew of such a thing. Wasn't punk the exclusive property of hardcore white guys from the proletariat?" Martin Sorrondeguy, lead singer of the Chicago-based band Los Crudos, takes us on a musical history tour, from the roots in the L.A. renaissance circa 1976, and bands like The Zeros, Plugz, and The Brats, to the latter nineties and the post-nihilism of Youth Against, Bread and Circuits, Kontra Attaque, and others. There's a DIY attitude to Beyond the Screams and a galvanizing energy that echoes many of the performances, songs delivered like shrapnel. The bands featured from El Paso, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Berkeley, testify to the intent of their music as political resistance. This isn't just chunky chords and crackling vocals. Beyond the Screams is the sound of hope mixed with rage."

—Steve Seid, Pacific Film Archive

"The Latino punk scene in the early '90s really exploded because all of a sudden we had a hell of a lot to sing about. What started happening politically in the U.S. pissed us off so much, and we were feeling targeted and we were feeling so cornered as a community that we began writing songs about it."

--Martin Sorrondeguy 

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Premio Mesquite Award, Best First Film, CineFestival 2001

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Chicago Underground Film Festival, 2000

Athens Int'l Film/Video Festival (OH), 2001