A Body in a Cemetery

Eiko Otake

2020 | 00:15:25 | United States | Color | Stereo | 16:9 | HD video

Collection: Eiko Otake, Single Titles

Tags: Dance, Death and Dying, Eiko Otake: A Body in Places, Eiko Otake: Virtual Studio, Environment, Performance

A Body in a Cemetery is a 15-min short film that documents a place-inspired solo performance by dancer/choreographer Eiko Otake in Green-Wood Cemetery, the U.S.’s second oldest cemetery in Brooklyn that holds 570,000 "permanent residents." Presented in September 2020 by Pioneer Works and Green-Wood Cemetery, this event was for many the first time attending a live performance since the pandemic shutdown. As she did in her live performance, in this media work directed by Jennifer Atalla, Eiko invites viewers to meditate on the generations of the dead, including those who died in the pandemic and those whose graves were never built.

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