Colchones Individuales (Single Beds) Volume 1: Desolacion

Ximena Cuevas

2002 | 00:18:02 | Mexico | Spanish | B&W and Color | Stereo | 4:3 | Video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Latino/Chicano, Mental Landscape, Performance

"Emptiness: I just watched your latest video, Colchones Individuales (Single Beds), Volume 1: Desolacion, and I wanted to write you about it. Oddly, Single Beds sums up much of what I have been thinking lately. In these times of speed, where everything is propelled forward at an incredibly spiraling rate, it is only in moments of pause, of inertia, that we examine what is occurring to us. Your piece, Single Beds, performs an arrested time, a succinct suspension of time. (It is in many ways a companion piece to an earlier video of yours Staying Alive). These dreams of decay--like looking at the mildew in the trash can, the slow dance in the pool between the woman and the golden retriever dog, a woman unraveling hospital tape with the words isolation from round her head while in a bedroom, alone at night, with a single bed--these images are loaded, and point to certain anxieties that exist within our lives. With their slow motion, these segments in Single Beds represent the moments of hesitation, the doubts, the questions asked, and are authentic means to examining our current reality."

—Kathy High, letter to Ximena Cuevas

This title is also available on Half-Lies: The Videoworks of Ximena Cuevas.

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Athens Int'l Film/Video Festival (OH), 2003

Dallas Video Festival, 2004