Communicating Vessels

Maïder Fortuné, Annie MacDonell

2020 | 00:31:00 | Canada | English | Color | Stereo | 16:9 | 4K video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Artist Portraits, Body, Visual Art

Following the premise that water will always find its level, the term Communicating Vessels describes the way liquid moves between conjoined containers: gravity and pressure conspire to keep the surfaces aligned, pulling the shared liquid back and forth until the separate vessels come into balance. Like the relationship between a mother and a child or fluid passed from mouth to mouth, meaning, intention and understanding constantly flow back and forth between us. It is the fundamental connectedness of all things, how ideas migrate and shapes shift, and the possibility of individuation without individualism. Bringing together fictional narrative, personal anecdote and private conversation, Communicating Vessels explores how we infect and influence each other in ways that are sometimes good, sometimes bad, yet always urgent and necessary.

Performers: Madelyne Beckles, Deragh Campbell, Fiona Reid
Camera: Iris Ng, Claire Harvey, Annie MacDonell, Maider Fortuné
Sound: Julia Wittman, Polina Teif
Writing Editing : Annie MacDonell, Maider Fortuné

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Prizes + Awards

Tiger Amodo Award, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands

Best International Short, Moscow International Experimental Film Festival, Russia

Youth Canvas Award, Black Canvas Contemporary Film Festival, Mexico


International Film Festival Rotterdam

Exhibitions + Festivals

International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands

Moscow International Experimental Film Festival, Russia

Black Canvas, Mexico

Documenta Madrid, Spain

IndieLisboa, Portugal

FIDMarseille, France

Viennale, Austria

Montreal International Documentary Festival, Canada

Onion City, Chicago, United States

Rencontres International Paris-Berlin