Do You Believe in Water?

1976 | 00:39:00 | United States | English | Color

Collection: Early Video Art, Single Titles

Tags: Performance, Video History

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The performers are seated around a pink octagonal table on pink, violet, and silver cinder blocks. One performer (Robert Stearns) stands up, recites the credits for the piece, and then says, “Do you believe in water? Robert Stearns.” He claps and turns to the next performer who asks the same question and gives his name. Next the players split up into pairs and attempt to relate to each other—playing tug-of-war, making love, arguing over who has the most integrity, and fighting for possession of the props. As the different relationships evolve, the triple-layered soundtrack interfaces with the players. We hear puzzling rhetorical questions such as: “Is tongue kissing like ass kissing?" "Heads or tails?" "Can you make that kind of quality judgement about colors?" "Do you think there is an emotional response to color?”