Duet Project: Distance is Malleable at 2019 American Dance Festival

Eiko Otake

2019 | 01:07:56 | United States | English | Color | Stereo | 16:9 | HD video

Collection: Eiko Otake, Single Titles

Tags: Dance, Death and Dying, Eiko Otake: The Duet Project, Distance is Malleable, Memory, Painting, Performance

The Duet Project: Distance is Malleable is a mutable and evolving series of experiments in collaboration. Negotiating differences of race, time, culture, ethnicity, religion and gender, the artists seek to maximize the potentials of their encounters.

The Duet Project officially premiered at American Dance Festival in July 2019. The collaborators who performed at the site with Eiko were Iris McCloughan, DonChristian Jones, Alexis Moh, and Beverly McIver. Beverly painted seven large-scale paintings, six of which were used in the performance and as a part of pre-show installation. Eiko and Beverly also performed a duet with Beverly’s voice recording, recounting her visit to Japan to attend the funeral of Eiko's mother.

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