Epilogue: The Palpable Invisibility of Life

Tran, T. Kim-Trang

2006 | 00:13:27 | United States | English | B&W and Color | Stereo | 4:3 | Video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Asian-American, Body, Death and Dying, Family, Health, Youth/Childhood

Epilogue: The Palpable Invisibility of Life is the final chapter in The Blindness Series, a body of eight videos on blindness and its metaphors that was begun in 1992. The inspiration for the series came from a 1990 exhibition Jacques Derrida curated for the Louvre Museum, titled Memoirs of the Blind. When Derrida died in 2004, Epilogue shifted focus from his work on mourning to ruminate on: 1) the visible and invisible traces one leaves behind: a font made from Derrida’s infamous handwriting, my mother’s dying words, etc.; 2) the cycle of life and death: my son’s birth on the same day, date, and time as my mother’s death six years prior; and 3) imaging technologies that allowed me to see my unborn son, leading to fantasies about what technologies it would take to “image” my incorporeal mother, and discovering that ancient medicine brings me closer to my dead mother. 

This title is also available on Tran, T. Kim-Trang: The Blindness Series.

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