Event Fission

Eiko & Koma

1980 | 00:41:45 | United States | Color | Stereo | 4:3 | Video

Collection: Eiko & Koma, Single Titles

Tags: Activism, City, Dance, Eiko & Koma: Stage and Site Works, Performance

Event Fission is an outdoor performance on the Hudson River landfill, produced by Creative Time. Eiko & Koma danced with a huge white flag billowing on top of a sand dune as the audience watched from below. The white flag was used to symbolically attack the newly developed downtown buildings. On a lower level of the landfill, to which Eiko & Koma tumbled down, there were fires on four corners of the performing area. At the end of the performance of 50 minutes, Eiko & Koma were swallowed into a deep hole they had dug and hid, disappearing with a blast of sand.

The video available is a recording of the full performance. An 18 minute edited version is available upon request. 

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