Gastronomic Get-Away

George Kuchar

1991 | 00:14:20 | United States | English | Color | Mono |

Collection: Kuchar Archive, Single Titles

Tags: Expedition/Travel, Landscape

Mono Lake and Yosemite Valley, in California, highlight this excursion into the constipated crevices of once highly-active fumeroles that splatttered magma and chunks of hot rock onto the Western landscape. Now the vents are blocked by eating disorders that rob our nation of its free-flowing and fertilizing heritage. We follow a woman as she sinks into a dark, inland sea of great natural beauty, unable to deposit her own organic pile into the rich mineral build-up that reaches skyward toward the creator who dreamt up this exquisite landscape.

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George Kuchar's Video Diaries: Nature All Over The Damn Place, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany - 2013