Greetings from Lanesville


1976 | 00:28:46 | United States | English | Color | Mono | 4:3 | Video

Collection: Videofreex Archive, Single Titles

Tags: Media Analysis, Performance, TV production, Video History

In Greetings from Lanesville, the Videofreex tour the countryside of Lanesville, New York interviewing the local people for a weekly broadcast program all from behind the wheel of the Lanesville TV Media Bus. As the first localized pirate television station, Lanesville TV brought its guerilla broadcasting to Upstate New York with interviews of ordinary townspeople in an effort to present an image of community created by the community itself.

Interviews range from a boy discussing a bike race to a man talking about his wife's return home. The quotidian collapses towards the end when the Videofreex begin receiving reports from the townspeople about a flying saucer sighting. Attempting to parody the immediacy of professional news reportage, the Videofreex conclude by using editing techniques to depict the flying saucer on camera as though they had inadvertently happened upon it.

—Kyle Riley

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