I Invited Myself vol. I

Eiko Otake

2022 | 00:42:51 | United States | English | Color | Stereo | 16:9 | Video

Collection: Eiko Otake, Single Titles

Tags: Artist Spaces, Eiko Otake: Media Work, Performance

Eiko Otake’s I Invited Myself is a multi-volume installation which features choreography of place, movements of both performer and viewers, along with projections of selected video and film works created by Eiko over the last 40 years.

Unlike audiences to cinema, literature, music, and visual art works, the audience to contemporary performance work often experiences one newly created evening-length piece. Those audiences who saw the artist’s earlier works have an understanding of her trajectory, but younger or new audiences might not.  

Eiko Otake’s I Invited Myself is not a legacy project or a retrospective; however, its objectives are to display Eiko’s trajectory as visual landscape for her performances. By doing so, Eiko hopes to contextualize her current body for diverse generations of audience now and in the future. Eiko has already experimented with this idea in February 2022 by occupying the School of the Art Institute of Chicago Galleries, where she had access to 31 projectors and many connected gallery rooms.

This iteration was co-curated by Eiko and Elise Butterfield.
Camera by Ruby Que.

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