Kairos Dirt

Angelo Madsen Minax

2016 | 01:30:00 | United States | English | Color | Stereo | 16:9 | HD video

Collection: New Releases, Single Titles

Tags: Camp, Feature Length, Humor, LGBTQ, Love, Magic, Sexuality, Youth/Childhood

Rosie Cutler, a middle school lunch lady, and TJ Fortune, a outcast student, have an unusual relationship. Mystically-minded and gender ambiguous, TJ recoils into an abandoned warehouse where he builds a massive sculptural shrine from discarded objects and trash. Through a dream Rosie makes intimate contact with a trans-worldly being who she hopes will bridge the gap between real and imagined to reveal truths about our world. Amid the post-industrial decay of the American south, a disparate band of nobodies including fellow lunch ladies, a mortician, a transgender elder, a ministry worker, and a lesbian hospice provider all encounter the otherworldly being through the help of a spiritual medium/phone sex operator. Television monitors, radio frequencies, dreams and orifices all become portals to access this alternate, carnal dimension.

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Prizes + Awards

Zero Gravity Award: Most Innovative Film, Vermont International Film Festival, Burlington, VT, 2017

Honorable Mention, Los Angeles Underground Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA, 2017

Honorable Mention, Experimental Forum, Los Angeles, CA, 2017

Best Experimental Film, Trans Stellar Film Festival, Detroit, MI, 2017


European Media Arts Festival

Exhibitions + Festivals

Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, CA, 2019

The Bridge, Charlottesville, VA, 2019

Qtopia Arts Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2019  

Dunlop Art Gallery, RPL Film Theatre, Regina, SK, Canada, 2019

Suns Cinema, Washington D.C., 2019

Anthology Film Archives, New York, NY, 2019

Arizona Underground Film Festival, Tucson, AZ, 2018

MIX New York City’s Queer Experimental Film Festival, New York, NY, 2018

Translations Seattle Film Festival, Seattle, WA, 2018

Trans Fest Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden, 2018

Vermont International Film Festival, Burlington, VT, 2017

London Fringe Film Festival, London, UK, 2017

Krannert Art Museum and Kinkean Pavilion, University of Illinois, Champaign, IL, 2017

The Nightingale Microcinema, Chicago, IL, 2017

Yale University, New Haven, CT, 2017

CAVE Gallery, Presented by Mothlight Microcinema, Detroit, MI, 2017

Bryant-Lake Bowl, Minneapolis, MN, 2017

Public Space One, Presented by Vertical Cinema, Iowa City, IA, 2017

The Yellow Wallpaper Project, Presented by the Milwaukee LGBT Film Festival, Milwaukee, WI, 2017

Pix Gallery, presented by Pleasure Dome + the Toronto Queer Film Festival, ON, 2017

London Media Arts Association, Mediations on Art & Activism Series, London, ON, 2017

Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Presented by Pitt Art, Pittsburgh, PA, 2017

Philadelphia Community Media Access, Presented by the Leeway Foundation, Philadelphia, PA, 2017

BeBe Theatre, Presented by Mechanical Eye Microcinema, Asheville, NC, 2017

The Carrack Modern Art, Durham, NC, 2017

Beefhaus, presented by Spectacle Society, Dallas, TX, 2017

Homeworld, Presented by Hyperreal Film Club, Austin, TX, 2017

La Esquina Gallery, w/ PLUG Projects + Charlotte Street Foundation, Kansas City, MO, 2017

EyeDrum Gallery, Atlanta, GA, 2017

EMP Collective, Baltimore, MD, 2017

Sediment Arts, Richmond, VA, 2017

Zeitgeist Arts Center, New Orleans, LA, 2017

Tivoli Community Cinema, University of Colorado, Art History Department, Denver, CO, 2017

Rice Cinema, Rice University, Houston, TX, 2017

The Social Club, Des Moines, IA, 2017

TranScreen Film Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2017

Trans Stellar Film Festival, Detroit, MI, 2017

San Francisco Sex Workers Film Festival, The Roxie Theater, San Francisco, CA, 2017