Lanesville TV: April 6th, 1974


1974 | 00:40:28 | United States | English | B&W | Mono | 4:3 | 1/2" open reel video

Collection: Videofreex Archive, Single Titles

Tags: Art Collective, Culture Jamming, Humor, TV production

On April 6th, 1974, this episode of the Videofreex’s production of Lanesville TV aired, including four segments: a choreographed piece by the Elaine Summers Dancers, a Vietnam tape titled “Where do you get your money?,” several phone conversations with local audience members, and a comical interview with a fictional fish, Sam Trouta.

Perry Teasdale hosts the episode, announcing that it represents the opening of the Freex’s third year of Lanesville TV programming. Though the actual footage of the referenced Vietnam tape that was created by the Quaker group American Friends Service Community in 1974, does not survive in this recording, the Lanesville folks calling in offer an illuminating discussion on the war. By calling in to discuss the footage they’ve just watched, the phone conversations capture some general opinions about American politics and the Freex’s left-leaning interests, while also lending an intimate portrait of the audience members who watched Lanesville TV in the mid-1970s.

—Faye Gleisser


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