Lux Aeterna

Hans Breder

2016 | 00:41:00 | United States | Color | Stereo | 4:3 | Video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Image Processing, Performance

At Breder's direction in the studio, the performer releases a body of light that casts a transient shadow. Following the tantric chakra stations, a match is lifted from root to crown. Instead of a perfect mirror, Breder filmed the reflection in a dented, scratched piece of polished steel.

In this seated performance, Sinah Ober conjures a recurring, flickering ghost. Fleetingly in glimpses, her seated Buddha appears like a shroud. The video begins with an explosion of red. A splash of sacral blood, shimmering and dancing. A pulsing cloud that drifts and sways. Through dozens of repeated gestures, her movement gently beckons the viewer, lighting a path towards enlightenment.

Originally titled Light, it was a study in black and white.

Notable for the soundtrack with Herman Rappaport, Alan Ross and Breder. The track was the heavily processed result of several years of refined collaboration and practice.

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