Eiko & Koma

2007 | 00:09:30 | United States | Color | Mono | 4:3 | Video

Collection: Eiko & Koma, Single Titles

Tags: Dance, Death and Dying, Eiko & Koma: Stage and Site Works, Performance

An evening-length collaboration work with the celebrated avant-garde pianist Margaret Leng Tan. The stage set is by Eiko & Koma and the lighting is by David Ferri.

Commissioned by and premiered at Japan Society, New York, October 18-20, 2007, celebrating Kazuo Ohno's 101th Birthday and the 100th anniversary of Japan Society.

These three middle-aged artists are all first-generation Asian-Americans. Having been influenced by one another for more than two decades, these idiosyncratic spirits shared the stage for the first time. For them, mourning is a grieving not only for man's cruelty to man, but a remorse for the pain that humans have inflicted upon the earth and all of its living beings.

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