The Post Queer Tour

1993 | 00:29:00 | United States | English | Color | Mono | 4:3 | Hi8 video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Activism, Comedy, Gender, LGBTQ, Performance, Politics, Television, TV production

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Interspersed with clips of Judy Garland films and televised concerts, Glennda Orgasm and Judy LaBruce (Bruce LaBruce's Garland inspired drag persona) travel to the West Village to "discover their gay roots". They discuss the current state of queer culture with people attending gay bars and patroning queer businesses, with a cameo from Sadie Benning. They discuss the idea of the post-queer movement, and give guests a "post-queer quiz". 

An episode of Glennda and Friends, hosted by Glennda Orgasm and Judy LaBruce.