Eiko Otake

2020 | 00:05:02 | United States | Color | Stereo | 16:9 | HD video

Collection: Eiko Otake, Single Titles

Tags: Eiko Otake: The Duet Project, Distance is Malleable, Environment, Performance

This video was originally created to be used as a projection in a performance of Bodies on March 29, 2019. DonChristian Jones and Eiko performed Bodies at the public plaza in front of Columbia University's Lenfest Center for the Arts on 125th Street between Broadway and Riverside Drive. The footage was shot at the same location days prior to the performance. Eiko re-edited the piece in May 2020.

Camera and edit by Eiko Otake.
The footage of Eiko's performance was shot by Alexis Moh and Sumie Yonei.

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