Sample City

Călin Dan

2003 | 00:11:45 | Netherlands / Romania | None | Color | Stereo | 4:3 |

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Architecture, City, Eastern European, Mental Landscape, Myth, Performance

With sampled image and sound sequences referring to one another in a precisely calculated rhythmic alternation on four projection surfaces, Călin Dan draws a portrait of the city of Bucharest. Dilapidated tower blocks next to estates of terraced houses, Roma families camping with their horses and carts in the wastelands in the midst of the city, broken streets and new shopping paradises--today the formerly communist Bucharest is a city in upheaval, full of social contradictions and oppositions.

Accompanied by "Manele", traditional Romanian folk music, and local hiphop, we follow the footsteps of a figure carrying a door on his back through Bucharest. This absurd figure is taken from Romanian folklore, a "simpleton" of our day. He is both 'city guide' and inhabitant. The tension between the uncontrollable urban proliferation and the capability for improvisation and adaptation of the inhabitants results in the emotional dimension of the city.

Actor: Constantin Florescu

Camera: Oleg Mutu, Victor Velculescu

Editing: Neil Coltofeanu, in the facilities of FAV

Voice: Deceneu

Music: Matze

Assistant Camera: Dan Moraru

Driver: Valentin Huanu.

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