Selected Works: Reel 7

William Wegman

1976 | 00:18:06 | United States | English | Color | Mono | 4:3 |

Collection: Early Video Art, Single Titles

Tags: Body, Humor, Performance

Originally made during 1976-77 and re-mastered in March 2005, this selection contains a mix of visual jokes, conceptual humor and performance. Wegman "dialogs" with himself, close-ups of his mouth and teeth taking on different characteristics and voices; remakes of earlier black and white performances; and man and dog in focus, including a failed attempt to induce Man Ray to smoke.

Alarm Clock, 0:30

Doctor Patient, 2:20

Bad Movies, 2:00

Drop, 0:43

Fruit, 0:25

Smoking, 1:55

Horseshoes, 1:10

Fast, 0:15

Concerto, 1:20

For Sale, 2:30

Woodchuck, 0:20

Alphabet, 1:20

Growl, 0:50

Sofa Piece, 1:25

Alarm Clock II, 0:40 

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