A Walk With Nigel

Louis Henderson

2010 | 00:21:38 | United Kingdom | English | B&W and Color | Stereo | 16:9 | HD video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Art History, Artist Portraits, City, History, Memory, Photography

A Walk with Nigel is a video essay that constructs a dialogue between two artists from two different times, between movement and stillness, between speech and silence. An archaeological study of a community, reawakening the archive in the present. A materialist study of streets and social relations.

This is a two-screen video about the photographic work of the late artist Nigel Henderson (1917-1985). Re-visiting the same locations within which Nigel Henderson originally shot a series of photographs in the 1950s in East London, Louis Henderson creates a response to these photographs and locations on video in the present. The video is presented alongside the original photographs, forming a dialectical collage of a temporal/imagistic nature, combined with a voice-over created from fragments of text found in the Nigel Henderson collection in the Tate Gallery Archive. A Walk With Nigel is the continuation of certain aesthetic and political ideas, developing – through historical understanding – the afterlife of a body of work.


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European Media Arts Festival

Exhibitions + Festivals

Official Competition - Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival - Brazil 2011

Spectrum Shorts - International Film Festival Rotterdam - Netherlands 2011

Fascinations - Jihlava International Documentary Festival - Croatia 2011

Haus Der Kulteren Der Welt - Rencontres Internationales - Germany 2011

Centro De Arte Reina Sofía - Rencontres Internationales - Spain 2011

Centre Pompidou - Rencontres Internationales - France 2010

Tate Modern - No Soul for Sale - England 2010

Whitechapel Gallery - This is Tomorrow - England 2010

Emaf Osnabrueck - Germany 2010