The Waltons

1996 | 00:07:00 | United States | English | Color | Mono | 4:3 | Hi8 video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Performance, Television

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A deft and cunning re-examination of John Boy’s near-death experience at the sawmill. A homespun midnight deconstruction of an entire era of television mannerisms.

“One of the strengths of The Waltons, a video that records a session of TV viewing using a handheld camera, is its ability to convey how our surroundings inform our experience. The video doesn’t stray far from the images on the TV screen, but our attention is divided between the show’s action and the off-camera activity in the apartment.”

— Nicole Armour, “Alternate States,” Film Comment (July/August 2000)

This title is also available on Anne McGuire Videoworks: Volume 1.