Eiko & Koma

1993 | 00:41:10 | United States | Color | Stereo | 4:3 | Video

Collection: Eiko & Koma, Single Titles

Tags: Dance, Death and Dying, Eiko & Koma: Stage and Site Works, Performance

Wind imagines a dying child, a common event until recently and still so in many parts of the world today. This was a collaboration with Chanticleer music director, Joseph Jennings, who arranged a composition by Robert Mirabal and Francisco Guerrero. It was performed live by Chanticleer in San Francisco and specially recorded for tour.  Eiko & Koma’s two sons, Yuta and Shin, both played the role of a boy in the piece. The floor was painted to look like a galaxy and white feathers fell from the ceiling, making a sense of wind visible. 

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