50 Blue

Oded Hirsch

2009 | 00:12:30 | Israel | English | Color | Stereo | 16:9 | Video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Aging, Body, Family, Gender, Health, Labor, Landscape, Mental Landscape, Performance, Ritual

In 50 Blue a young man (the artist’s brother) pushes an elderly disabled man (the artist’s father) in a wheel chair through a muddy landscape. It is a long and exhausting trip to an unknown destination only discovered at the end. After an arduous struggle the two arrive at the edge of a grey lake where a 10-meter high guard tower stands. The young man ties the wheel chair to a rope and hoists the old man up on the tower platform with the help of eight men, all dressed in yellow plastic raincoats.

50 Blue illustrates the value of masculine labor, even if the result does not fulfill its expectations. On the other hand, we also see an attempt to correct a distorted father-son relationship, in which a son tries (literally and figuratively) to uplift his handicapped father who he has looked down upon his entire life.

50 Blue is the first segment in a trilogy completed in 2012 .

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Work in Progress: Considering Utopia, Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco, CA, 2013