Art For Teachers of Children

Jennifer Montgomery

1995 | 01:20:04 | United States | English | 4:3 |

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Tags: Autobiography, Memory, Sexuality, Youth/Childhood

Jennifer, an intelligent but insecure 14-year-old student at a boarding school, seduces her married dormitory counselor, a photographer who has offered to teach her about his art and winds up shooting her in the nude. She is naive, and he manipulates her into an affair that eventually is discovered. Years later, as the photographer is being investigated by the FBI, the adult woman remembers her first love as a case of herself watching the artist who watched her.

""Art," "teachers" and "children" are all loaded words, and Jennifer Montgomery's coolly ruminative film about adolescent sexuality explores their meaning. Art for Teachers of Children is Ms. Montgomery's autobiographical, sexually frank account of a high school student who has an affair with a married teacher. The film examines the dynamics of seduction, exploitation and power as it brings this relationship to light."

– Janet Maslin, The New York Times

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Prizes + Awards

Long Island Film Festival


New York, NY

Exhibitions + Festivals

San Francisco International Film Festival, 1995

Toronto International Film Festival, 1995

Berlin International Film Festival, 1996

Rotterdam International Film Festival, 1996

Thessaloniki International Film Festival, 1996



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