1997 | 00:09:00 | United States | English | Color | Mono | 4:3 | Video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Chicago Art, Culture Jamming, Found Footage, Media Analysis

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Animal Charm's Ashley seems to develop a conventional story about a modern mother and wife with typically modern desires. But the insertion of incongruous soap opera scenes soon ensures that the seductive images take on an absurd and oppressive charge. “The antiseptic cleanliness of the imagery has a superficial appeal, but begins to feel claustrophobic — or toxic — after prolonged exposure.”

— Fred Camper, “First Friday Film,” Chicago Reader (26th December 1997)

“A tour de force of incongruous juxtapositions, startling dislocations and ingenious visual rhymes assembled from the banal detritus of late night TV.”

— New York Video Festival (1998)

This title is also available on Animal Charm Videoworks: Volume 1 and American Psycho(drama): Sigmund Freud vs. Henry Ford.


New York Video Festival
New York, NY

Exhibitions + Festivals


Impakt Organisation (The Netherlands), 1999

Chicago Underground Film Festival, 2011


Made in LA, Hammer Museum, 2012


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