Blood and Guts in Hollywood: Four Works by Laura Parnes

02:15:52 | 2 DVDs

Collection: Box Sets

Tags: Body, Consumer culture, Crime or Violence, Feminism, Installation, Mental Landscape, Music, Politics, Youth/Childhood

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Blood and Guts in Hollywood: Four Works by Laura Parnes

Video Data Bank is proud to present the wonderful work of artist Laura Parnes. This two-volume box set features four video works that highlight her interest in the deconstruction of narrative film conventions, including her reimagining of Kathy Acker's 1984 novel, Blood and Guts in High School.  Included in the set is a 44-page monograph containing an essay on the collection and interview with Parnes by writer and novelist Chris Kraus.

"Filmed on bare-bones sets put together in gallery spaces, the video is a model of how to bring off an ambitious project with scant resources, and also of how to respect source material while transforming it.  And where Acker's novels have a quick-hit crash-and-burn intensity, Ms. Parnes video floats like a shark, forever hovering, but always watching and moving."

– Holland Cotter, New York Times, 2009

Included Titles

The Only Ones Left
The Only Ones Left (three-channel video installation*), featuring actor Jim Fletcher, weaves film noir and mafia genre references with CEO diatribes, while also exposing the conventions of the feature film climax. The three channels of video depict...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: crime or violence, family, installation, mental landscape, portrait

Blood and Guts in High School
Blood and Guts in High School features actress Stephanie Vella in a series of video installations* that re-imagine punk-feminist icon Kathy Acker's book of the same title. The book received noteriety from 1978-1982 during the rise of Reagan...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: feminism, history, installation, politics, youth/childhood

Hollywood Inferno (Episode One)
Parnes moves further into her interrogation of horror genres and the art world, with their sometimes over-lapping cults of personality. Grappling with the danger of beauty without criticality, Hollywood Inferno takes the viewer through the...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: body, consumer culture, performance, visual art, youth/childhood

Laura Parnes
1998 | 38:19
No Is Yes
A combination of experimental and narrative approaches which explore the commodification of rebellion as it is marketed to youth culture, through the eyes of two drug-dealing, teenage girls from Brooklyn who "accidentally" kill and mutilate their...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: consumer culture, crime or violence, film or videomaking, media analysis, music, youth/childhood