Come Closer

Renée Green

2008 | 00:12:00 | Portugal | English | Color | Stereo | 4:3 | DV video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Autobiography, Diary, Expedition/Travel, Experimental Film, Family, History, Landscape, Language, Memory, Poetry, Travel

A poetic meditation on distance, Come Closer is a short and peripatetic film, casting an affective web between the locations of Lisbon, San Francisco and Brazil. Focusing on Brazilian-Algerian filmmaker Karim Aïnouz, musician Derrick Green –– the filmmaker’s brother and lead singer of Brazilian band Sepultura –– and her own work produced in Lisbon since 1992, Come Closer can be thought as a meditation on friendship and saudade. Through its Portuguese narration, the film recasts Green’s ongoing relationship with the Lusophone world as a visceral reminder of the complexity of intertwined relations and how history resides in the present.


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Centro Cultural de Lagos

Exhibitions + Festivals

Endless Dreams and Water Between, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, U.K., 2009

Endless Dreams and Time-Based Streams, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 2010

Ailleurs Ici, Le Quartier, Centre d’art contemporain de Quimper, France, 2015

Cinemateca Portuguesa, Museu do Cinema, Lisbon, 2016

Spacing, Lumiar Cité, 2016