Ed Rankus Videoworks: Volume 1


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Tags: Video History, Videoworks

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Ed Rankus Videoworks: Volume 1

Included Titles

Edward Rankus
1983 | 17:00
Naked Doom
Rankus’s elegant black and white video takes us into an intensely dark inner world. The visual elements remind us of clues in a mystery story: dark corridors, half-revealed bodies, a man with a gun, a throw of the dice. But Rankus complicates the...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: body

Edward Rankus + 2 others
1979 | 29:40
“Mining an ironic vein by turning technology against itself, AlienNATION undercuts the sociological ramifications of modern living. It is an astounding compendium of sci-fi images, textbook diagrams, special effects, and studio props, which together...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: science, technology, video history

She Heard Voices
  Inspired by Max Ernst’s picture book, The Hundred Headless Women, Rankus presents a collage of Surrealist motifs in this “fractured fairy tale” about a heroine threatened by a psychic usurper. The predator is the telephone, empowering...


Collection: Single Titles


Prizes + Awards

A compilation of three short videos made between 1979 and 1986.