Eye/Machine III

2003 | 00:18:00 | Germany | English | Color | Mono

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: European Film/Video, Future, Media Analysis, Photography, Politics, Surveillance

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“The third part of the Eye/Machine cycle structures the material around the concept of the operational image. These are images which do not portray a process, but are themselves part of a process. As early as the Eighties, cruise missiles used a stored image of a real landscape, then took an actual image during flight; the software compared the two images, resulting in a comparison between idea and reality, a confrontation between pure war and the impurity of the actual. This confrontation is also a montage, and montage is always about similarity and difference. Many operational images show colored guidance lines, intended to portray the process of recognition. The lines tell us emphatically what is all-important in these images, and just as emphatically what is of no importance at all. Superfluous reality is denied--a constant denial provoking opposition.”

--Harun Farocki

This title is also available on Radical Closure and Eye/Machine I, II and III.