HalfLifers: Action Series



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Tags: Performance

HalfLifers: Action Series

The Action Series finds our alienated heroes in desperate attempts to communicate and find a way out of their endless crisis scenarios. The two pieces share a domestic setting, though this is no comfortable home away from home. Rather, the ephemera of daily life becomes the conduit for possible salvation, as food is applied to the body and domestic rituals are repeated in a quest for closure.


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Actions in Action

1997| 00:10:30

This first work in the HalfLifers' Action Series plunges into a world of frantic heroes trapped in a continual crisis of dissolution and reification. An ordinary domestic setting is recast as a…

Collections: Single Titles
Tags: Expedition/Travel, Food, Future, Humor


Control Corridor

1997| 00:11:00

In a fictional conduit space, language and function are recontextualized as the HalfLifers struggle to re-assess the nature of their mission while engaged in an eternal cycle of maintenance and…

Collections: Single Titles
Tags: Humor