Opus Luminis et Hominis (Works of Light and Man)

Jem Cohen

2010 | 00:14:00 | Spain | English | Color | Stereo | 4:3 | 16mm film

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: City, Expedition/Travel, Portrait

A commissioned portait of Pamplona, a small city in the North of Spain, shot and edited there in under 2 weeks. The film is a humble set of observations of place, people, atmospheres, and local rituals. (It is also a tribute to the art of film projection). As there is a large presence in the town of the conservative religious order, Opus Dei, which translates to 'Work of God,' I chose to name my film, Works of Light and Man.

-- Jem Cohen

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Punto de Vista Documentary Film Festival

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BAFICI, Argentina

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