Paul Garrin Videoworks: Volume 1


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Tags: Activism, Image Processing, Music Video, Videoworks

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Paul Garrin Videoworks: Volume 1

Garrin advocates the use of video as an activist and community tool and a means for people to represent themselves. These three pieces examine the Tompkins Square riots, police harassment, and the use of home video equipment to record a truly democratic local news. 

“Once ‘Big Brother’ was the state watching the people, now the people can begin watching the state.”

—Paul Garrin

Included Titles

Paul Garrin
1988 | 04:00
Free Society
Free Society is a short experimental music video that juxtaposes images of police harrassment in the U.S. with images of the military quelling revolutionary opposition. Includes comments from televangelist Jerry Falwell. This title is also available...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: image processing, music, politics

Man with a Video Camera
After an all-night session of editing Free Society, Garrin headed home with video-8 camera in-hand, only to happen upon the Tompkins Square riots. As police tried to enforce a curfew aimed at removing homeless people from the park, Garrin began...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: activism, city, crime or violence, documentary, media analysis, state, the

Reverse Big Brother
This alternative commercial promotes the aggressive democratic use of home video equipment to record local news of community activism and other events that don’t make the headlines for political reasons. This video urges citizens to break the state...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: activism