Prim Limit

2009 | 00:32:20 | United States | English | Color | Stereo | 4:3 | DV video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Animation, Artist Spaces, Environment, Future, Mental Landscape, Technology

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If second lives have grown into the landscape of social network space and avatars engage a full range of human emotions and experience, it follows that they would eventually encounter existential questions. A plot of land is purchased in the online network of SecondLife and a simple questions is asked: Where do discarded 3D objects go and can we build a dumpster to accommodate them? To find out eteam set aside a year to let this virtual land use problem unfold and what is captured in Prim Limit is the lived experience of avatars managing and recording this dumpster.

The account shifts from problems of accumulating trash and, paradoxically, making it digitally decay, to existential notions and experiences of virtual life, its surfaces and beings. The narrative is told from the POV of a camera avatar who is encapsulated in a box to film the dumpster activities 24 hours a day. His records capture the stunning, if not cavernous, beauty of all manner of accumulating and disappearing objects and persona. Awkward and repetititve movement abounds, acute and close up camera angles give us peculiar feelings of intimacy with other avatars. A pervading sense of impermanence, emptiness and imprisonment emerges in the mise-en-scene.

"This is a very contemporary Existentialist tale that is more about Wasteland than Waste, and all the very human emotions this terminal condition evokes."

--Will Pappenheimer 



Exhibitions + Festivals

Dallas Videofest, 2010

Rotterdam International Film Festival, 2010

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