Jim Finn

2003 | 00:13:00 | United States | English | Color | Stereo | 4:3 |

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Architecture, Chicago Art, Crime or Violence, Incarceration, Landscape, Mental Landscape

I drove around the U.S. filming these super maximum-security prison buildings the spring and summer after the World Trade Center bombing. I knew that counties within various states had been frantically outbidding each other to get these high-tech gulags to replace the farming and manufacturing jobs that have been lost over the last 25 years. The timing seemed right to remind everyone what we have been doing with our public funding and to draw parallels with the neo-liberal economic policies espoused with variations by the Reagan, Clinton and both Bush administrations. The audio tracks are mixed from correctional training videos, science fiction films, a radio call-in show, and the building of the St. Louis Gateway Arch, a public works project from the sixties.” -Jim Finn

Finn's chilling super-max is a tour of maximum security prisons shot from a moving car, their hulking forms framed by telephone poles and power lines that divide landscape and sky. The concluding voice-over, making reference to Lewis and Clark, implicitly equates the European occupation of this continent with imprisonment." -Fred Camper, Chicago Reader (28 March 2003)

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Made in Chicago Award, Chicago Underground Film Festival, 2003


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Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Concrete Cinema / Jim Finn Presents The Juche Idea and Selected Shorts, June 14 2012

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