Teddy Dibble Videoworks: Volume 1

Teddy Dibble


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Tags: Humor, Performance, Videoworks

Teddy Dibble Videoworks: Volume 1

This compilation contains many of Teddy Dibble’s best comic vignettes. Everything is up for grabs in these visual and linguistic puns, including video dating, telephone operators, New Years Eve celebrations, fruit, and the theory of evolution.

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If television is truly the opiate of the masses, then Teddy Dibble is a living room crack dealer. This newly compiled series of television art comedy includes: 1. The Cough, 03:172. Secrets I…

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Tags: Humor, Performance

Teddy Dibble

Born Yesterday

1991| 00:13:13

As with his predecessor Ernie Kovaks, everything is fair game for ridicule in Dibble’s gentle and eccentric humor. Skillfully manipulating the video image in these brief sketches, Dibble gives us his…

Collections: Single Titles
Tags: Humor