Tony Cokes Videoworks: Volume 1

Tony Cokes


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Tags: African-American, Politics, Race, Videoworks

Tony Cokes Videoworks: Volume 1

In this agit-pop double feature, Cokes celebrates civil disobedience and deconstructs race relations. Cokes inter-cuts political slogans and social facts with an array of footage and juxtaposes the images with pop, rock, and rap soundtracks.


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Tony Cokes

Black Celebration

1988| 00:17:17

Subtitled A Rebellion against the Commodity, this engaged reading of the urban black riots of the 1960s references Guy Debord’s Situationist text, “The Decline and Fall of the Spectacle-Commodity…

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Tags: African-American, Dance, Interview, Performance, Politics, Race

Tony Cokes

Fade to Black

1990| 00:32:00

In this meditation on contemporary race relations, two black men discuss in voiceover certain “casual” events in life and cinema that are unnoticed or discounted by whites — gestures, hesitations,…

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Tags: Race