When God Visits the Village: Indians in Brazil, Part Two

Vincent Carelli, Video in the Villages

2000 | 00:18:00 | Brazil | English | Color | Mono | 4:3 |

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Documentary, Expedition/Travel, Film or Videomaking, Indigenous, Youth/Childhood

Indians In Brazil is an educational series for Brazilian public schools that invites students to experience cultural diversity. Four teenagers are invited to discover a new world and participate in Indian daily life in two different communities. They show their emotions, curiosity and fears, and are surprised by their new friends. Part Two of the series, When God Visits the Village, sees the teenagers invited to visit the Kaiowá people in South Mato Grosso. Expecting something similar to the Krahô village they had earlier visited, they are at first shocked. The houses in the village are dispersed and everyone is dressed in rags. But as they penetrate beneath the appearances, the youths discover the intense religious life of the villagers and the oppression they suffer from the ranchers that have taken most of their lands.

In Portuguese with English subtitles.

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