John Smith: Program 1

John Smith


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Tags: European Film/Video, Humor, Landscape

John Smith: Program 1

"The films of John Smith conduct a serious investigation into the combination of sound and image, but with a sense of humour that reaches out beyond the traditional avant-garde audience. His films and videos move between narrative and absurdity, constantly undermining the traditional relationship between the visual and the aural. By blurring the perceived boundaries of experimental film, fiction and documentary, Smith never delivers what he has led the spectator to expect."

—Mark Webber, Leeds International Film Festival catalogue 2000

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John Smith


1975| 00:06:30

Images from magazines and color supplements accompany a spoken text taken from Herbert H. Clark’s “Word Associations and Linguistic Theory” (in New Horizons in Linguistics, ed. John Lyons,1970). By…

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Tags: European Film/Video, Experimental Film, Humor, Language

“In The Girl Chewing Gum a commanding voiceover appears to direct the action in a busy London street. As the instructions become more absurd and fantasized, we realize that the supposed director (not…

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Tags: European Film/Video, Experimental Film, Film or Videomaking, Humor, Language, Sound

John Smith

The Black Tower

1987| 00:24:00

"John Smith uses humour to repeatedly subvert and frustrate potentially threatening content in an economically constructed tale of the narrator’s descent into paranoia and, ultimately, oblivion, as…

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Tags: City, Language, Mental Landscape

John Smith


1992| 00:01:00

“To master the one-minute time span requires considerable discipline, and few pieces, if any, had been shaped as genuine miniatures—most having the appearance of being extracts from larger works. The…

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Tags: Experimental Film, Humor, Language, TV production

John Smith


1986| 00:04:00

A film about haircuts, clothes, and image/sound relationships."This four-minute film explores our response to stereotypes—aural, visual and ideological. Smith signals these stereotypes to the viewer…

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Tags: European Film/Video, Experimental Film, Humor, Language, Sound