Lyn Blumenthal Videoworks: Volume 1

Lyn Blumenthal


Collection: Single Artist Compilations

Tags: Feminism, Gender, Politics, Videoworks

Lyn Blumenthal Videoworks: Volume 1

The two Social Studies videos call into question fundamental assumptions about the cross-purposes of entertainment: to entertain, to present cultural values, to mediate public policies, and to define social relationships.

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Horizontes incorporates scenes from a popular Cuban soap opera with running commentary in the form of a propagandistic advertising text. Blumenthal examines media programming as presenting, through…

Collections: Single Titles
Tags: Feminism, Gender, Politics

The "dazzling, delightful, and delicious" messages of broadcast television get scrutinzed in Social Studies, Part II: The Academy. Stripped of its glitzy animation and played out against the frozen…

Collections: Single Titles
Tags: Feminism, Media Analysis