The Variations

Paul Tarragó


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The Orrery, Paul Tarragó

Completed in 2021, The Variations is a suite of 4 standalone films, reconfiguring home life as a combination newsletter, ad campaign, personal cinema, and experimental workbook.

Taking a playfully structuralist approach (think: Hollis Frampton at his most benign), each video reworks recurrent motifs, imagery, and narrative tropes, parlaying them into an extended, ever-evolving open ended cine-anagram.

They incorporate stop-motion, time lapse, live action, mixed media animation, analogue and digital media, and filmmaking glee.

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A promotional vehicle with lane-changing tendencies, but both hands kept on the wheel at all times. First video in The Variations cycle.

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Tags: Advertisement(s), Animation, Humor

A newsletter that turned into a film about hands (fast forwarding through slow times). Second video in The Variations cycle.

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Paul Tarragó

The Orrery

2021| 00:06:45

The expansive cycles of time vs. the ever smaller circles of life under lockdown. Includes: a journey to the river, some rat facts, more adverts, anagrams, and a noticeable build up of ideas. Third…

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Tags: Animation, City, Health, Humor

Paul Tarragó


2021| 00:07:20

This episode includes: two more adverts, considerations of the future, a multiple projection spectacular in miniature, a riverine jaunt, much fog, and an ending x 2. This is the fourth and final…

Collections: Single Titles
Tags: Advertisement(s), Animation, Humor