Early Video Art is a collection of titles that are central to an understanding of the historical development of video art. This collection includes, but is not limited to, many titles from the original Castelli-Sonnabend collection, the first and most prominent collection of video art assembled in the United States. All of the work in this collection was produced between 1968 and 1980. These works represent important examples of the first experiments in video art, and include conceptual and feminist performances recorded on video, experiments with the video signal, and "guerilla" documentaries representing a counter-cultural view of the historical events of the 1960s and 70s. Many of these tapes represent a desire for a radically redefined television experience that is centered on the innovative, the personal, the political and the non-commercial.

Cheri Mcelligott performance documentation.

Hans Breder

Percussion Piece

1973 | 00:09:00

The body as a percussive instrument.

Performers: Ellen Krueger & Monica Wilson

Hans Breder


2015 | 00:19:00

This 1978 conversation between poets Anselm Hollo and Robert Creeley, was updated in 2015 as Adam Burke relays their conversation.  Images of Hollo, Creeley, and Burke are juxtaposed on…

Cheri Mcelligott performance documentation.

Susan Mogul

Live in San Diego

1977 | 00:18:00

Live in San Diego is my first live performance.

Susan Mogul

Laurel and Susan

1973 | 00:03:00

Laurel Klick and I were members of the feminist art program at CalArts and became close lifelong friends.

Freed experiments with kaleidoscopic imagery while capturing images of children and herself around the home.

Hermine Freed

Me - You

1972 | 00:10:08

Freed overlays the signal from two cameras pointed toward one another. Each camera is panned around to reveal a domestic environment.

Hermine Freed

Space Holes

1976 | 00:07:39

Using color video Freed captures three mirrors in various positions on a grassy lawn.