Cecilia Dougherty Videoworks: Volume 1

01:32:00 | 1 DVD

Collection: Single Artist Compilations

Tags: Pixelvision, Videoworks

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Cecilia Dougherty Videoworks: Volume 1

A compilation of two videos that wittily explore counter-cultural identity through lesbian portrayals of iconic stars: in this case, the Beatles and British playwright Joe Orton.

Included Titles

Cecilia Dougherty, Grapefruit
With an all-female cast, featuring Suzie Bright as John Lennon, Cecilia Dougherty's Grapefruit plays with the romanticized history of the iconic Fab Four, gently mocking John and Yoko’s banal squabbles and obsessive rituals of self-display....


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: consumer culture, feminism, gender, history, humor, lgbtq, music

Cecilia Dougherty
1993 | 52:00
Taking queer artistic license, Dougherty and Leslie Singer together portray a gay male playwright who took 1960s London by storm. The result is a witty play on narcissism and split personality that captures the banality of stardom while paying...


Collection: Single Titles

Tags: feminism, gender, humor, lgbtq, pixelvision