I Say I Am: Program 2


Collection: Curated Compilations

Tags: Feminism, Performance

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I Say I Am: Program 2

The tapes in Facing the Self: Program 2 are organized around the appearance of the female form, particularly the face. Using at times elaborate, but more often very limited, visual means and divergent visual and theatrical strategies, each tape explores, asserts, withholds, and/or claims power over the representation of the artist’s body, its appearance and experiences. Focusing on the problematic relationship of power between the artist and her audience, the artist bodily appears on screen but keeps herself somehow unavailable to the viewer. As the audience, we are a sometimes unwelcome, but always distant, viewer.

Included Titles

Hermine Freed
1972 | 06:24
Two Faces
In her oft-cited essay “Video: The Aesthetics of Narcissism,” Rosalind Krauss says, “self-encapsulation — taking the body or psyche as its own surround — is everywhere to be found in the corpus of video art” (October 1, Spring 1976). This certainly...


Collection: Early Video Art, Single Titles

Tags: body, feminism, video history

Lynda Benglis
1973 | 11:45
Throughout the video, Benglis asks "Now?" and "Do you wish to direct me?" and repeats commands like "Start the camera" and "I said start recording." As in On Screen, she makes faces and sounds in reply to the images on a monitor; at one point she...


Collection: Early Video Art, Single Titles

Tags: feminism, performance, video history

Steina Vasulka
1972 | 04:00
Let It Be
“The 1972 Women’s Video Festival [at the Kitchen] opened with an award-winning short by Steina Vasulka. Featuring close-ups of her mouth twitching and grimacing in accompaniment to the Beatles’s ‘Let It Be.’ Somewhere behind its humor and satire I...


Collection: Early Video Art, Single Titles

Tags: music, performance, video history

Mitchell's Death
Using performance as a means of personal transformation and catharsis, Mitchell’s Death mourns the death of Montano’s ex-husband. Every detail of her story, from the telephone call announcing the tragedy, to visiting the body, is chanted by Montano...


Collection: Early Video Art, Single Titles

Tags: death and dying, performance, religion/spirituality, ritual, video history

Susan Mogul
1974 | 10:30
Take Off
"I made Take Off in my studio apartment on Myra Avenue during my second year living in Los Angeles. As a member of the Feminist Studio Workshop, I was writing an essay at the time comparing male artists’ representations of their sexuality with...


Collection: Early Video Art, Single Titles

Tags: art criticism, feminism, performance, sexuality, video history

The Adventures of a Nurse
Playing with cliched feminine personae, Eleanor Antin in The Adventures of a Nurse manipulates cut-out paper dolls to tell the story of innocent Nurse Eleanor who meets one gorgeous, intriguing, and available man after another. Nurse Eleanor is the...


Collection: Early Video Art, Single Titles

Tags: feminism, video history